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I often see on Facebook, people asking things like, "What's it like in November?" or "What is the temperature now?" or "I am over in two weeks. Will I need a jacket?"

Here are some links to weather forecasts so you can make your own mind up about the jacket.
I have generally found that forecasts here are more accurate than in the UK where the relatively small land size can make forecasting difficult. Remember, though, that it can change rapidly here; a sudden sea mist can reduce temperature and visibility very quickly; the wind is notorious - you can be sitting outside a bar with a gentle breeze and suddenly a gust will blow everything off the table and have A-boards crashing and chairs running down the street.

There are several good apps for smartphones. Most let you see the weather here but also back in the UK so you can have a chuckle about your friends in the cold back home.
For general climate information, take a look at My Weather - Climate where you can select a month to get some average weather details.

Or see the various charts below.
Average min and max temperatures in Torremolinos, Spain
Average monthly sunhours in Torremolinos, Spain
Average percent of sunshine each day in Torremolinos, Spain
Average water temperatures in Torremolinos, Spain
Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Torremolinos, Spain
Average rainy days (rain/snow) in  Torremolinos, Spain
Average relative humidity in  Torremolinos, Spain
Average wind speed in  Torremolinos, Spain
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Last updated 18th March 2020