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Crossing the road
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The traffic in Spain travels on the right side of the road so you need to look left when crossing the road. I know this sounds obvious but you have probably been looking right since you were five years old so it's a case of retraining the brain so that looking left becomes automatic.

There are far more pedestrian crossings in the Torremolinos area than there are in the UK. It is common to see a set for even small T-junctions. They vary from a few hardly visible stripes on the road to sophisticated affairs with traffic lights, push buttons, count down displays and little green men that walk faster as the time runs out.

Normally there aren't any zig-zag lines near the crossings so it is common for vehicles to be parked very close to the crossing, thus reducing visibility for pedestrians. Indeed, you are quite likely to find cars parked right across the crossing if the driver needs to get to a cash machine or newspaper kiosk.

Where the crossings differ from the UK is that at light-controlled junctions, drivers will see a red light on the main road but, commonly, a flashing amber one at the side road. This means "take care". It is not uncommon, therefore, to find cars passing in front of or behind you when you make use of a crossing.

These flashing amber lights might also be why so many drivers go through red lights at pedestrian crossings. So, when using a crossing, you need to be determined but careful. Stepping on to the crossing will normally make drivers stop - but don't step too far too fast!

Just as in the UK, normal road rules don't always appear to apply to motorised two wheeled vehicles and don't appear to apply at all to bicycles.

Drivers are incredibly impatient with other motorists - a two second delay when traffic lights change to green will get the horns going. Surprisingly drivers seem to be very patient with pedestrians.

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Last updated 21st February 2020