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Generally it is better to buy euros here than in the UK as the exchange rate is better. When the rate is changing rapidly, it may be better to buy in the UK but when the rate is fairly stable, here is the best bet. People worry about the rate changing from 1.15 to 1.14 but the difference is only the price of a gin and tonic on changing £500.

The best rate in Torremolinos is definitely Ruben Money Exchange.

If you check the Rubens website, you will see that there is a graph showing the rate over the last few weeks or up to six months and the rate you see is the rate that you get whether you change £20 or £2,000. Remember to take your passport with you as it is now required to control money laundering. Also Rubens do not normally accept debit cards.

Many people like to use a debit or credit card here and they can be used in ATMs and in many shops and restaurants. Bars vary as in the UK since not all have a card machine. You need to check with your bank before arriving as to exchange rates, charges and which machines you can use FOC. You may be asked for ID (Your passport) if using a card in shops.

Many banks are getting rid of their ATMs here as well as in the UK. These ATMs have quickly been replaced by ones in all manner of shops. There are now far more ATMs than a year ago. But beware as these 'private' machines all charge and some have very poor exchange rates.

Another alternative is to get a prepaid card that you top up in UK. Having one with just a couple of hundred euros on it is a safe way to use at night. If it is lost or stolen, it can't be used to empty your bank account or to run up thousands in credit.

Your pounds are changed to euros when you load the card. If the general rate changes later, you won't see any change to the euros that you have on the card.

There is a card comparison site that lets you choose the best option for you.

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Last updated 18th March 2020