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Chemist Shops

Chemist shops are everywhere in Spain and their digital electronic signs outclass even those of nightclubs. There will always be one open in the area that you live. The duty chemist will be listed on the door or window of every other chemist, so you can always find one. In Torremolinos, there is a 24/7 pharmacy. Farmacia Los Manantiales


There are many drugs that are on prescription in the UK that are available over the counter at chemist shops. If you are taking medicines regularly for things such as blood pressure control then it is worth asking at a pharmacy as they may well be cheap. When you come on holiday bring a copy of your prescription with you. Some drugs havev a different name here and the pharmacist will be able to work out what you want from the prescription.
Remember, though, that some medicines are expensive. While many are only two or three euros, a Seratide inhaler, for example, is over sixty euros. With a prescription it is about four euros.

You are unlikely to be able to get sleeping tablets and the like in this way. For those you will need a prescription from a doctor. However, although it is supposed to be illegal, it is still possible to obtain antibiotics without a prescription. You will need to find a willing pharmacist by asking around as there are only a few.
Please don't use them for colds. Colds are caused by viruses that aren't killed by antibiotics. It is because of misuse that the sale of antibiotics has been controlled and too many bacteria are becoming resistant.

Headaches and similar

Unlike in the UK, you cannot buy aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, cough mixtures, antacids and the like in supermarkets. These are only available from chemist shops (as they were in the UK some years ago) and as a result they are more expensive than in the UK. You will not find paracetamol at 16p a packet as you can in Asda. But also you are not limited to two packets at a time as you are in the UK.
The strengths also vary - paracetamol can be 500mg, 600mg and 1000mg. Take care to use the correct quantity. In the UK paracetamol are 500mg, ibuprofen are 200mg and aspirin are 300mg. You may find that if you ask for the UK strength tablets, you will be paying more for them.
Because of over-use in Spain, paracetamol in 1000mg and ibuprofen in 600mg now need a prescription. You should also note that the pain killer omeprazol cannot be sold to UK customers as it has resulted in deaths - there appears to be a genetic connection as it does not harm Spaniards.

If you buy other medicines, the instructions will probably only be in Spanish. Look them up on the internet. You will often find English language instructions there.

Some cough mixtures, like Benylin Original, don't appear to have an exact equivalent in Spain. Rennies are available but expensive. Ask for Almax instead.

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Last updated 31st May 2019