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The dates for 2019 are the best that I have. Unfortunately the council are very slow at publishing dates and seem to be unaware of the need for publicity or the sense in publishing a calendar for the whole year.
In some cases the dates are for 2018 where I have no better information and I have clearly marked these.

The "Agenda" for the current month can be found here.


1st - New Year's Day. This is a national public holiday and many shops will be closed.
5th - Eve of Three Kings. There is the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos or the parade of the three kings. There are many floats often with cartoon characters and normally some real camels. The floats are staffed partly by children who throw sweets (several tonnes) to the children waiting at the side with open carrier bags and upturned umbrellas to ensure a good catch.
The route for 2018 is shown below. It generally doesn't change and normally starts at about 5.30pm. Some pictures and video of the Three Kings Parade 2017.

6th - Epiphany (Three Kings). National Public holiday. Many shops will be closed or will close early as Spanish owners go home for a family meal. As the 6th is a Sunday, the holiday day will be on 7th.
25th - Burn's night (UK). A few bars will celebrate with haggis and a piper.


6th to 9th in 2020 - Rockin' Race Jamboree. Generally starts on a Thursday early in the month and runs until Sunday. Lots of Rockabilly bands and now over 25 years running. More details
Rockabilly Poster

14th - St Valentine's Day. Some restaurants will be doing special meals. Generally you will need to book in advance.
22nd to 28th - International Dance Competition. This has been cancelled for 2019.
28th - Andalucia Day. Public holiday in Andalucia. There is a market for Andalusian products from 10am to 9pm at Costa del Sol square with gastronomic and handmade products. Live music and typical dancing.


1st - St David's Day (UK). Not much happens.
5th - Shrove Tuesday. Does anywhere make pancakes or do you have to make your own?
8th - LGBTI Carnival. Held in Nogalera Square. Music on 8th and Drag Queen contest on 9th.
17th - St Patrick's Day Plaza de la Nogalera from noon to 6pm with music, dancing, food and Guinness. There is also a fancy dress competition. Some bars will also celebrate this and Guinness hats are usually involved.
19th - Fathers Day in Spain.
23rd - Carnaval. This can be towards the end of February but can be March as in 2019 depending on dates for Easter. There are numerous activities such as Chirigotas (critical, funny carnival songs sung by groups) contest, carnival parade in the town centre and in La Carihuela, costume contest for children and a Grand Carnival Ball at the Palace of Congresses.
The parade is on 23rd and the parade in La Carihuela for the burning (Plaza del Remo) of the sardine is on Sunday 24th. The Grand Ball is on 30th.
Carnaval Sardine
More pictures and video of the Carnaval, singers and sardine burning.
30th - Clocks for forward.
31st - Mothers Day (UK).
Late in the month - Easter. Sometimes Easter is in March but mostly it is in April.


1st - April Fools' Day (UK). In Spain, the equivalent is on 28th December, Day of the Innocents.
12th & 13th - Foreign Residents' Day. Plaza de la Nogalera. Noon to 11.30 on both days. Great event with dancing, music, food and drink from up to 18 countries.
Some pictures and video from 2019.
13th - Palm Sunday. Procession through the streets. More info
18th - Holy Tuesday. Procession through the streets. More info
15th - Holy Thursday. National Public Holiday.
19th - Good Friday. Procession through the streets. More info. National Public Holiday. Some shops will be closed. Some bars and restaurants may do Hot Cross Buns.
21st - Easter Sunday. Procession through the streets. More info
22nd - Easter Monday (UK). Not celebrated in Torremolinos.
23rd - St David's Day (UK). Nothing much happens.
26th to 6th May - Ruta de la tapa. Lots of bars and restaurants invent a new tapa for this event. More info
27th - King's Day (Konigsdag). Dutch event held in La Carihuela. People dress in orange and there is traditional Dutch food.
Variable date - Verdiales Day. Near the San Miguel hermitage in Pinar de los Manantiales. Traditional singing, music and dance plus local cuisine. Nothing happened in 2019
Variable date - Fashion Show. Nogalera Square with fashions from local shops. Nothing happened in 2019


1st - Labour Day. National Public holiday. Many shops will be closed.
5th - Mothers' Day (Spain).
6th - Early May Bank Holiday (UK).
10th to 12th & 17th to 19th - Ruta del Rock. More info
25th to 2nd June - Torremolinos Pride. Organised by LGBTI. Mostly in Plaza de la Nogalera for the second weekend.
Here are some pictures of the procession 2019.
27th - Spring Bank Holiday (UK).
Normally Early May - May Crosses. Various altars and crosses of flowers decorated in various ways. Nothing happened in 2019.


5th to 7th - Fish & Fresh. Lots of chiringuitos will be taking part. Enjoy a ration of boquerones, calamares, rosada, changuetes or sardines for 6€.
Middle of the month - Festival de las Culturas. Normally in Plaza de la Nogalera with food and dance from many countries. Not planned for 2019
21st - Family Magic Show. The magical journey of Patri Zenner. Plaza Costa del Sol at 9pm. Patri Zenner on Facebook
21st to 23rd - Ecoweekend Festival. Gardens of the Pablo Picasso Cultural Centre. 11am to 11pm (8pm Sunday). What is it? I have no idea at this time.
23rd - Noche de San Juan. Bonfires on the beach at night with much dancing and drinking. Jump over the fire and then dip in the sea to cleanse your sins.
23rd - Chess in the street. Chess in Plaza de la Independencia. 10am to 2pm.
25th - Norwegian music band. European Union Square. 8pm.
26th - Montemar Feria. Normally the last Sunday in June next to Montemar Alto train station. Music and dancing.
27th to 12th September - Book fair. Plaza de la Nogalera. 11am to 2pm and 7pm to 1am. The description says the books are second hand or 'used' but this is not the case.
End of June - 'Birra & Art' Beer Festival. Plaza Costa del Sol. Beers from local craft breweries. Usually on for three days. Not planned for 2019


14th to 16th - Feria de la Virgen del Carmen. Traditional procession in La Carihuela. Tribute paid to the patron saint of fishermen. The statue of the Virgin del Carmen is placed in a boat and goes out to sea as a blessing to the water. Dancing, music and amusements in Plaza del Remo.
27th - Festival food trucks. 2018. Food Trucks in Plaza de la Nogalera but probably Plaza Costa del Sol this year. On until the end of the month.


9th - Mad Bear Festival. 2018.
15th - Assumption of Mary.
26th - Summer Bank Holiday (UK).


5th - Tourist Day. 2018. This takes place on the first Thursday in September. Celebration of tourists who have been visiting from the 1950's. Usually in Plaza de la Nogalera.
13th to 4th October - Coctelmolinos Various bars, cafes and hotels create a new cocktail for you to try. 2019 is the first year of this event.
22nd - Romeria. Lots of horse men, women and children, horse carts and traps, bull carts and old tractors head through town towards Los Pinares de los Manantiales. Lots of dancing, drinking and eating.
26th to 30th - Feria de San Miguel. Separate day and night events with a massive fair at night.
29th - Dia de San Miguel. Patron Saint of Torremolinos and the name of a popular beer.


12th - Spain Day (Dia de España) Also known as Columbus Day. National holiday with parades and municipal band.
17th - Oktoberfest. 2018. Usually last Thursday in the month up to the Sunday. Personally a disappointing event in Nogalera Square. Just a couple of German beers and expensive hot dogs.
Date varies - Diwali Festival (Festival of Lights). Hindu New Year celebrated in Plaza de la Nogalera on the last Saturday in October. Food, drink, dance, henna tattoos, handicrafts and craft market.
26th - Clocks go back one hour.
31st - Halloween. Lots of parties in pubs.


1st - All Saints Day. Public holiday.
5th - Guy Fawkes. Bonfire night (UK). UK thing. Nothing to do with Spain.
15th - Ruta del Rock. 2018.
30th - St Andrew's Day.


2nd - Nativity Scene. 2018. At the Ayuntamiento. Date uncertain but usually on show until early January.
2nd - Christmas Market. 2018. Will be held in Plaza Costa del Sol.
6th - Constitution Day. Public holiday.
7th - Christmas lights. 2018.
8th - Immaculate Conception. As it is a Sunday, 9th is a public holiday.
25th - Christmas Day.
26th - Boxing Day (UK).
28th - Day of the Innocents. This is like the UK April fools' day.
31st - New Year's Eve. Many parties. Tradional eating of twelve grapes as the clock strikes.

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Last updated 14th September 2019