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Getting from the airport is the start of the holiday and is best without any hitches. Getting back can be a problem for some of the very early flights. Here are some of the options.
Hire Cars
There are several hire car companies at the airport. If you need a car to get around or there are five of you (most taxis are only allowed to carry four people) then a hire car may be a realistic option.
Taxis and private transfers
This is probably most peoples choice. There are lots of taxis at the airport and you can expect to pay around 20€ to Torremolinos. See airport taxis for details including typical prices for taxis and details of private transfers.

The advantage of a private transfer is that you will normally have paid in advance, including any tip; your driver will be waiting for you with a card with your name marked on it; he will already have checked your destination address on his GPS so he will know where he is going. They are also useful if you are a group or need baby seats.

For normal taxis, have your destination address written down so the driver doesn't need to cope with your strange Spanish pronunciation and make sure that the taxi meter is turned on. They recommend that you take a photo of the registration number so that, should you lose something in the car, you have a reasonable chance of getting it back.

For taxis back to the airport you could just go to a rank but that is probably too risky. If you used a private transfer you could have booked the return journey.
Here are a few transfer companies that you could try. I am not personally recommending any in particular as I haven't used them.
Unfortunately there are no longer any buses from the airport to Torremolinos.
The train is convenient and the cheapest option but it does depend where your hotel or apartment is and how many of you there are.

There are five stations, Los Alamos, La Colina, Town Centre, Montemar and El Pinillo so you will need to find which is the nearest to your hotel or apartment before you arrive.

Los Alamos and La Colina stations do not have lifts. Montemar has a single platform and is single line working. El Pinillo has a ramp to the platform from the road and lifts to get between platforms.
The main town centre station has an escalator on arrival from the airport but to return to the airport you have to go down a set of steps to the ticket hall and another set to go under the tracks and another set to get up to the platform for the airport. There are no lifts and while this station can be a challenge to the able-bodied, it is impossible for anyone in a wheelchair.
Only the town centre station has taxis close by.

There are plans to improve the station. The initial work started in May 2019 but is taking longer than planned. The main work is underway and it is said that it will take 18 months but many people are suggesting that it will be two years. The station should stay open throughout.

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Last updated 19th February 2020